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At your Image Reveal and Ordering Appointment you can craft your personalized bundle of images, tailoring it to perfectly suit your preferences.

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Images to Share

A digital boudoir image transcends the ordinary, allowing you to weave your own magical narrative with every pixel. Embrace the enchantment and let the digital image become a cherished reflection of your empowered spirit.



Bundle our Digitals and Save Money $

Boudoir Photo Products


Keepsake and Gift

Gift the magic of memories with a bespoke photo album, a treasure trove of moments waiting to unfold. Each page tells a story, a journey captured in exquisite detail, making it a truly enchanting present. Whether celebrating love, friendship, or a special occasion, the album becomes a timeless keepsake, a tangible testament to the beauty of shared experiences. The act of giving an album transcends the ordinary, offering a cherished piece of the heart to be revisited and relished. Give the gift of storytelling through images, a heartfelt gesture that resonates long after the pages have been turned. Sizes:





Bundle Digitals with an Album and Save up to 60% off digitals!

boudoir prints


Keepsake and Gift

This hassle-free print & box combo set includes your chosen type of 10 prints plus a
linen folio box that can have debossing on the lid. Comes in: Linen Cover, Suede & Velvet 





Digital Storage

Keepsake and Gift

 USB & case combo set includes a customizable
crystal USB and a customizable case in a material of your choosing Comes in: Linen Cover, Suede & Velvet 

*The price of the product does not include images


Boudoir Investment

Session Fees

Booking a Session


Essential Elegance Package

1 Outfit

Personalized Photoshoot

Image Reveal Session

Expert Editing and Retouching


Allure and Lace Package

2 Outfits

Extended Photoshoot Session

Image Reveal Session

10% off any Album or Print Package

Professional Editing and Retouching


Luxe Package

3 Outfits

Extended Photoshoot 

Image Reveal Experience

15% off any Digital and Print Image Collection

Expert Editing and Retouching 



Hair and Makeup

Elevate your boudoir experience with the added touch of expertly styled hair and makeup, ensuring a stunning and glamorous result.


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Boudoir sessions capture the essence of self-love and empowerment against a backdrop rich in elegance. Located in Central Virginia, Siena Studios offers a timeless celebration of confidence and individuality in each boudoir and intimate session.


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